Pancrase™ Grappling

Pancrase Grappling™ Coming 2021

Pajncrase Grappling
The Pancrase Referee is the highest authority on the mat.Failure to adhere to his/her commands will result in penalties assessed, disqualification, event ejection with potentialprobation from future Pancrase events.

• Pancrase Referees are among the very best trained submission grappling / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu officials worldwide.

• Pancrase Referees will perform to the highest standards possible to keep ALL competitors as safe as possible during a Pancrase event.

• Pancrase Referees reserve the right to stop a match at absolutely any given time he/she feels injury is imminent regardless of skill or belt rank.

• Pancrase Referee decisions are final and may not be contested by competitors, coaches or spectators during a Pancrase event.

• Pancrase Referees will officiate each match according to the rules outlined by this rules manual with unbiased intentions towards any competitor, coach, team or spectator attending any NAGA competition.