Gotch/Yamada No-Kill Shelter

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Karl Gotch

He wasn’t flashy or flamboyant, didn’t cut money promos, and didn’t care much for gimmicks.

But he didn’t have to. He was Karl Gotch.

Never heard of him? Then chances are you haven’t followed the business very long.

In the hallowed halls of wrestling history, Karl Gotch has a special place at the front of the line. None were ever tougher, none likely ever will be.

Manbu Yamada

Yamada started training with Satoru Sayama at the Super Tiger Gym after a background in karate, debuting in Shooto in 1990.


He faced Kenji Kawaguchi twice in matches for the Shooto Middleweight Championship, but he was submitted in both occasions.

After two important wins over Kazuhiro Kusayanagi and Naoki Sakurada, he left Shooto and joined Pancrase in 1993.

Karl Gotch and Manabu Yamada

Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ will continue the tradition of donating to the cause. Starting December 2021 we will be donating Blankets Newspaper and Pet Food to the Burbank No-Kill Shelter and we ask that you join us as we will be working towards creating the Gotch/Yamada Non-Profit to help those that can not speak.

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