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As we build the brand in the United States we are going to be opening training facilities that we will be pulling Television and event talent.

If you have any interest in being part of Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ please contact us at

Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™

Training: Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ is done only by certified instructors and training facilities.

Instructors: Certified through World Pancrase Create Masami Ozaki

Instructor Training: Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ Instruction Certification help fitness professionals continue their education through an understanding of the underlying principles of martial arts fitness.

The field of Hybrid Wrestling involves a time-honored fitness approach that continues to maintain key relevance in today’s changing fitness world. By taking the Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ Fitness Certification exam, experienced fitness professionals can secure a highly effective continuing education option that allows them to tap into a continually high-demand fitness method with a Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ certification.

Clients across the globe use martial arts as their primary or complementary fitness regimen. The Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ Instructor Certification helps trainers ensure that their clients achieve the greatest possible results, improving their strength, stamina and concentration. Learning skills to teach fitness for a Hybrid Wrestling (certification is an ideal complement for those Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™. This certification is optimized for fitness professionals looks for a Hybrid Wrestling™ certification or Hybrid Wrestling™ personal training certification.

Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ Certification tests the fitness professional’s understanding of key Hybrid Wrestling concepts, including correct form, movements, diet, and more. Our certification helps to provide a practical yet diverse continuing education and specialty option.

Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ Certification can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through: Knowledge base that showcases expertise in key martial arts concepts

Increased understanding of correct form, movements, diet and more

Ability to improve client stamina, concentration and strength through applied methods.

Increased ability to implement Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™ training methods to an individual or class setting

Certified Instructors


Bas Rutten

3rd King Of Pancrase As a professional fighter, one of his favorite tactics was the liver shot (both punch and kick), and he popularized its use in MMA. Rutten is known for his charisma and has capitalized on his celebrity status since retiring from fighting in 1999. He has worked as a color commentator in several MMA organizations, including Pride, and has appeared in numerous television shows, movies, and video games. He also coaches MMA and has authored several instructional materials.

Chicago, IL - 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting - jody simon Photo by © ASCO/Todd Buchanan 2019. Technical Questions:; ASCO contact:

Joe Malenko

  • Student of Karl Gotch 

  • Fujiwara Gumi

  • All Japan


Manolo El Huracan Hernandez

  • 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Coach San Diego

  • San Diego Lions Den Jiu Jitsu Coach

  • Pancrase Match Maker

  • Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling Aficionado


1996 BBM Pro Wrestling - [Base] #174 - Manabu Yamada - Courtesy of
1996 BBM Pro Wrestling - [Base] #174 - Manabu Yamada

Manabu Yamada

started training with Satoru Sayama at the Super Tiger Gym after a background in debuting in Shooto in 1990.

He faced Kenji Kawaguchi twice in matches for the Shooto Middleweight Championship, but he was submitted in both occasions. After two important wins over Kazuhiro Kusayanagi and Naoki Sakurada, he left Shooto and joined Pancrase in 1993.

1996 BBM Pro Wrestling - [Base] #176 - Takafumi Ito - Courtesy of
1996 BBM Pro Wrestling - [Base] #176 - Takafumi Ito

Takafumi Ito

  • Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™

  • Inoki Dojo Japan

  • PLab Instructor

  • Record: 40-35-13

Endurance Ethic Excellence