Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling™

Is coming to the United States for the first time and bringing Kickpads Rope Escapes and Yellow/Red cards.

Jody Malenko named Chief of Hybrid Wrestling.

From his experience working with every organization in Japan to being a top star with the UWFi Fugiwara-Gumi to training fighters and wrestlers at every level. His lineage alone stands above all others.

Inoki Sports Management. Head Of Logistics ensuring the best in personal service for every fighter and making sure that contracts are made to reflect and protect the brand and the fighter.

Professor Toi Juan Shannon USC and UCLA Film Deptmart will deliver the best in production and delivery of every match and show.

We are asking you all to SHARE on your social media this as the documentary is finished and a New Era of Original Pancrase begins.

This is Martial Arts History. Thank you to Masami Ozaki-San for believing and Genya Osaki for putting this together and Enson Inoue and Antonio Inoki for helping facilitate the merger.

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